I’m a music producer, an audio engineer and a DJ. Since the last 15 years (and more) I’m involved in music which resulted in a wide range of works, collaborations and experiences. Some of my works could have been heard on various music compilations, short movies and in one free software game. My works are mostly in the field of electronic music like breakbeat, d’n’b, trip-hop, techno and fusions of all that, but sometimes I combine electronic music with progressive rock, noise and math & post rock variations, which creates a strange combination of multiple genres. It’s not seldom that I create music in colaboration with other musicians-producers.

As an audio engineer I’m involved in all kind of music, from classical rock and various alternative rock variations to hip hop and sometimes some kind of mainstream music. So, since I started to study audio engineering in the Music Production Academy in Zagreb (2017), along with my own music production, I’m also working as an audio engineer (recording & mixing/mastering). I’m always working on multiple projects with many other musicians and/or music producers/audio engineers and I’m always open to new collaborations.

So, if you look for a collaboration, you can make it with me in the field of arangments, recording, mixing and in music production in general.

It can be a classical aproach in the sense to get the most out of a unrealised/unfinished idea (song, music project), or it can also be in the field of experimentising with ideas and new concepts (inovation, experiment and the “outside the box” aproach).Here are links on my music, splitted in two areas, the older and the newer works, because I had a period of more than 4 years years I didn’t made not even one sound.